Sunday, May 5, 2013

Bike Season Blues

Oh no, I am very sad!

 - Samuel, Age Three

Our son got his first "big boy" bike a couple weeks ago.  It's actually balance bike without pedals, but it's a bit step for him and he's absolutely loved it.  But today he learned a valuable lesson about what can happen when you're NOT riding.

Sam had been playing with friends before we needed to go visit Papa for some Cinco de Mayo fun.  In our rush to get the kids ready and out the door, neither I nor Ericka thought to check where he'd left his bike.  Later in the evening when he went back out to play, it was right where he'd left it: in a popular neighborhood bike parking spot in the grass at the eastern edge of our property, just beyond our tree line and a couple feet from a gravel road.

We heard him yelling, "my bike is not working!"  And sure enough, it had been run over by some vehicle that hadn't quite stayed on the road.

I was able to more or less return the rear fork to some semblance of factory form, but the poor axle was bent beyond its elastic limit (or at least beyond my abilities and tools).  We'll see if we can pop a new wheel on the back, though Sam will be sans bicycle for a while.

Well, lesson learned.  I used to battle with Papa back in the day about where I'd leave my ride: all over the neighborhood, often dropped right in front of the garage door which would force him (usually, though sometimes Mom) to move it before backing out on the way to work.  It's a miracle mine never was damaged or stolen with all my negligence.

Now we will work extra hard with Sam to make sure he doesn't lose his bike again any time soon.  And one hopes that with all the kids riding around and doing what kids do, leaving their bikes on the ground, drivers will be extra vigilant so we can keep bike season blues at bay...



Anonymous said...

Oh dear. Bikes need to go to the shed or the porch or the garage, just like Thomas and his friends at the end of the day.


Ericka said...

i remembered why he left his bike there: he'd had an accident (potty-training) and he had to change his I feel even worse.

Ericka said...
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