Monday, November 19, 2012

сюда идет кот

We borrowed some DVDs from the liebebby this weekend, including various animated adaptations of kiddo books.  One cute story is based on a book my Mom (the kids' Gigi) gave me when I was in school (one of my two majors was Russian and Soviet Studies): Here Comes The Cat!
In a peaceful mouse village, the lookout mouse is alarmed to see the approaching shadow of a large cat. He races through the town, alerting every resident. The cat, however, has harmless intentions. A gift of cheese to the mice helps a friendship develop between two very different kinds of creatures.
Some backstory:
Glasnost has embraced the world of children's books. Frank Asch, an American artist, and Vladimir Vagin, a Russian artist, have joined forces, albeit at extremely long distance, and produced a unique collaboration.
According to Mr. Asch, the project began in 1986 when he and Mr. Vagin attended a Soviet-American symposium on children's books. One night soon thereafter Mr. Asch awoke from a dream, which became the basic idea for ''Here Comes the Cat!'' Then both men, in their respective countries, neither speaking the other's language, nurtured Mr. Asch's notion into a finished picture book. Relying on translators and couriers to shuttle notes and sketches halfway around the world, the two artists produced what they say is the first book designed by an American and painted by a Russian. Quite a feat.
Sam enjoyed what he calls "the cat movie" (as opposed to the "yellow dinosaur movie", "the mouse movie" and "the other dinosaur movie" which appear on the disc).  I did, too, particularly the homage to the Odessa Steps--Sam's biggest concern was the dropped binky and whether it got back to the baby mouse.


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