Monday, December 26, 2011

The Island Of Misfit Words

I should create a category just about your learning language since I seem to be writing about that a lot of late. Anyway, the most recent item of interest (to me)...

With your self-directed play on the toy laptop I got you a couple years ago, you've really come a long way with the alphabet and associating letters with certain words. Probably your favorite character is 'O', which in one of your games is represented by an ostrich.

You can't quite say the word yet, so it comes out as 'ah-koo'. That is expected.

What's a little less expected is that to you, 'sausage' sounds very similar, thus you use the same word when requesting breakfast meat. Does that mean you think we're eating ostrich with our eggs?


PS--When I found the accompanying image online, you immediately recognized it as coming from Rudolph. Nicely done.


Anonymous said...

I get the ostrich/sausage connection. "au" sound with an s in there, followed by an "itch/age" sound. The front of the mouth consonant sounds are hard to master.
Also, Rudolph is da bomb!


ntodd said...

Oh yes, it's not entirely surprising, especially since he still has problems with 's' (he either skips it, or it comes out 'zh'), and 'itch/age' def are practically the same. Funny how it all comes together...

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