Thursday, August 12, 2010

DJ Jazzy Sam

"What idiot put all the DVDs back on the shelf?"

"Let's crank the Ludwig Van up to 11."

"Any requests?"



ms fahrenheit said...

Oh, this is the cutest thing ever!!! I'm going to wake up the guilty party to show her.

Have you taught him gang signs yet?

HopeasaurusRex said...

DJ Jazzy Sam should get grillz for his 2 teeth.

I suppose i should fly back there to put the DVDs back on the shelf...again.

Anonymous said...

The bling is in his eyes. :-)


Anonymous said...

He's picking out the birthday music for mom.


left rev. said...

Does this child own a shirt?


CrunchyVTMommy said...

i just want to squeeze him!

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